Anderson County Dance Team to Perform for NBA Team

Sarah Christopherson, Amber Earlywine, Catherine Schaefer, Elizabeth Smith, Katherine Cox

Sarah Christopherson, Amber Earlywine, Catherine Schaefer, Elizabeth Smith, Katherine Cox

The Anderson County dance team has sparked the interest of a professional basketball team for the fourth year in a row.  Four years ago, dance team coach Lisa Ann Winfrey happened to get a meeting with the marketing director of the Indiana Pacers.  She talked to him about her team and if they could perform during a Pacers game.  The director was intrigued and asked for a video recording of the performance.  One thing led to another and after a live audition, the Pacers were sold on the great performing team from Anderson County.  They were then slated to perform at a game.

Working alongside fellow middle school dance coach Jeriann Kallin, they created a combined routine that would set a high standard.  The marketing director was incredibly impressed and even went looking for Lisa in the stands to tell her it was the best performance he ever saw.  After that key performance, the dance team continues to be invited back to dance for the Pacers despite new marketing directors and employees.  They will be dancing again this year on November 13th when the Pacers play against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Members of the dance team said their show this year is going along a similar “freak show” theme that the Anderson County marching band has used.  Many of them said they started ballet dancing when they were younger and moved into hip hop.  That then led them to join the dance team and perform all over the country including Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia, and of course Indianapolis.  Many of them also said they were interested in continuing their dancing career in college, joining a number of different collegiate programs around the area.

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