Local Dentist Bringing Good Experience From Childhood to Today’s Patients

Dr ByersGayle Rollings, Dental Assistant

Located at Eagle Lake towards the north end of town off of US127, Dr Christopher Byers of Byers Family Dentistry has been practicing dentistry here in Lawrenceburg since 2007.  As a child, Dr Byers had a great dentist in Frankfort that made him feel relaxed and welcomed.  So when he tore his ACL playing soccer as a senior in high school, he realized that playing sports wasn’t going to take him much farther, and he thought that maybe dentistry might be an option.  And it just so happened that his high school started a new program to let seniors follow local professionals as a way to find a career path.  So Christopher asked his dentist and followed him and others at the practice for the rest of his senior year.  He knew at that point he was going to become a dentist, and after he graduated high school, he went off to college for his dentistry degree.

Being a native of Frankfort, Dr Byers wasn’t originally planning to open his practice here in Lawrenceburg.  His brother-in-law and owner of the Anderson Apothecary, John Serafini, convinced Dr Byers to come out to Lawrenceburg.  Originally starting with another dentist group in 2007, he opened his own practice in 2010 at Eagle Lake.  He now offers a complete dentistry practice, including implants, cosmetics, family care, and more.  He also brings what made him go into dentistry: a compassionate and caring sentiment so all his patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

For more information about Byers Family Dentistry, check out his Facebook page.

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