Local Art Studio Inspiring Many to Create

Susan Burge

Located right next to Four Roses Distillery on Bonds Mill Road, Elements Clay Studio has been an inspirational store for many aspiring artists.  Created and run by Susan Burge, Elements originally started as just an outcrop of Susan’s main business of creating pottery.  Susan, who holds a fine arts degree, has been creating pottery for 16 years, originally working in a studio in a barn.  When her daughter became a tour guide at Four Roses, she told Susan about the vast number of people that would take the tour on Saturdays.  Since Susan lives near Four Roses, she decided to put up a sign directing people to her barn studio.  She had a number of customers but realized it wasn’t practical to have them going to her house.

So fortune would have it that a house right next to Four Roses was available to purchase.  After seeing how much traffic the area got and the layout of the house, Susan decided to purchase it and turn it into a studio and gift shop.  The house, although unassuming on the outside, is now an artist’s delight, full of creativity and space to work on various types of projects.  Besides the beautiful gift shop stocked with pieces either created by Susan or other local artists, she offers paint your own pottery and mosaics to anyone who walks in the door.  She also does various classes on pottery making, canvas painting, and a twist to stained glass work called glass fusing where pieces of cut glass are layered and then melted together in a kiln.  Another popular option she offers is the ability to host parties at the studio where larger groups can learn and have fun creating beautiful items.

Elements Clay Studio is also a part of this year’s Art Trail on Saturday which features local artists around the county.  The new Art Emporium on Main Street will also be featuring a number of items created by Susan.

For more information about Elements Clay Studio, check out their Facebook page.

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