Anderson County Marching Band Finishes Top 3 But Needs Help

The Anderson County Marching Band had another phenomenal year, making their way to the state finals once again for the fourth time in a row.  Even though they finished third place, they are inching their way closer every year to take first place against extremely tough competition.  But now that the season is over, the band still needs help.  To make another great season for next year, the band is reaching out to its fans for any support and donations.  All funds raised will be going to costs associated with their program, including repairing instruments, busing expenses, and prep work for next year’s season.

To make a donation to the band, they have setup a Paypal page.  You can also contact them directly for any other types of donations at their Facebook page.

The above video is this year’s full state finals performance from the Anderson County Marching Band.

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