Local Resident Writes Humorous Book Full of Fun and Impossible Stories

A local resident and instructor at Bluegrass Community and Technical College has written a humorous book detailing true stories of bizarre and funny events that happened over the years to her family.  Lisa Ann Winfrey, who is trained as a librarian and was even the 2002 Kentucky Librarian of the Year when she worked at the Anderson County Middle School, decided to write her book after her friends tried getting her to go on a comedy tour to tell her family stories.  Instead of going on tour, she decided to write all the stories of her family and create a self published book.  Titled “ORLY” as a phonetic play on the words, “Oh, Really?”, the book is chock full of fun and seemingly impossible stories, ranging from getting caught in the bathroom with a snake to drinking bees along with soda for no ill effect.  The book is uplifting and absolutely fun to read.

The book is currently for sale at Amazon for $7 paperback or $2.99 for Kindle and is also available locally at the Purple Ladder Consignments and Therapy in Motion Massage Techniques.

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