Elizabeth Smith Selected As Art Student of the Month

Today, we are introducing a new series of stories highlighting our local high school art students.  Every month, art teachers from the Anderson County High School will be selecting art students to showcase some of their work and talk about their interests and goals.

For this month, Elizabeth Smith, who is a senior and currently attending an AP art class at the high school, got to present some of her work.  She said that she’s always been creative and artsy, but it wasn’t until 5th grade that she really took interest in art when she was placed in an advance art class.

So when Elizabeth entered freshman year in high school, she immediately started taking more art classes.  During her time at the school, she has found that her favorite art medium was acrylic painting.  Although her subjects vary, she tends to like painting still lifes.  Even though she’s not thinking of pursuing an art degree in college, she still wants to continue creating art as a hobby.

The painting that Elizabeth is holding is based on a picture of her boyfriend when he was 6 years old on a trip to Hawaii.

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