Iraq Veteran and Fireman Starts His Own Landscaping Business

Cole McCourt

As the leaves are falling and the season is changing, a local veteran and volunteer fireman is getting ready.  Cole McCourt, owner of McCourt’s Complete Lawn & Landscaping, has been mowing grass commercially since he was 16 years old.  He then decided to join the military and fought in Iraq for a number of years before coming back home to start back working as a landscaper.  He also started volunteering at the Franklin County Fire Department as a fireman and has served with them for 12 years.

After working for other landscaping companies through the years, Cole decided this past year to branch out on his own and bring the values that he learned at the military and fire department to his own company.  He keeps everything as professional as possible with uniforms, proper and working equipment, and courtesy.  He also does complete ground maintenance, including cutting grass, cleaning leaves, snow removal/salting, trimming hedges/trees, mulching, bobcat/dirt work, patios, and more.

For more information about McCourt’s Complete Lawn & Landscaping, check out his Facebook page.

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