Bearcats Football Wins Big Against Collins on Senior Night

The Anderson County High School Bearcats football team celebrated their senior night and played their final regular season game against Collins.  Ten players and two managers were honored last night during the senior celebrations before the game started.  And to add to the celebrations, Al Peach, father of head coach Mark Peach, flew in on a helicopter and landed in the middle of the field.  Dressed as iconic Elvis carrying the game ball, Al was applauded by everyone in the stands.  Also, right before the start of the game, the high school chorus sang the national anthem.

When the game started, the Bearcats were hot although the temperatures were frigid.  Tyler Peters #2 quickly got the first touchdown of the game which he matched again just a few minutes later when Collins fumbled.  And to continue with the repetitions, after the second touchdown, Collins fumbled again which after a short drive the Bearcats turned into another touchdown with Brydon Labhart #28 running the ball into the end zone.

With the score 21-0 before the end of the first quarter, Collins was left with a big deficit to fix.  But it never improved for them as the Bearcats were almost unstoppable.  Right after the start of the second quarter, the Bearcats sacked Collins for a safety, bringing the score to 23-0.  And the Bearcats didn’t stop and scored yet another touchdown when Gunnar Gillis #9 ran one in before the end of the first half bringing the score to 30-0.

During the second half, the game was a bit more quiet.  Gunner Gillis #9 would run the Bearcats final touchdown of the game during the third quarter.  Collins also finally got a score of their own with a touchdown in the fourth quarter.  But that wouldn’t be near enough for Collins and the Bearcats took the game, 36-7.  The Bearcats will next be playing Covington Catholic for the first round of playoffs.

Here is a list of all the seniors that were celebrated last night:

Ben Simmons #12
Ryan Martin #20
JD Crawford #23
Simon Yount #33
Ian Chilton #34
Caleb Boyles #50
Nathan McGregor #53
Gunner Lee #57
Cody Carey #58
Logan Davis #71
Allie Zeller
Hally Snellen

And for more, larger photos of last night that can be printed, check out our Flickr page.

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