Local Store Offering Alternative Healing Methods

Pam Giles

Located just off of Broadway on Lynn Drive is a store that specializes in a number of alternative healing products.  Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics has been here in Lawrenceburg for three years although they recently moved to a new location in the same building this past July.  Pam Giles, owner and operator of the store, has been running an alternative medicine/metaphysics store for over 35 years.  At her current location, she focuses on a number of traditional healing methods that are gaining notoriety.

Being one of the more well known of these methods, herbs have been used for millennia to help heal the human body.  “God has given everything right here on the planet that we need,” Pam said when talking about the various herbs that she offers.  She mentioned, as an example, white willow bark which contains the active ingredient that aspirin is based on but doesn’t have some of the negative side effects of aspirin.  She also talked about chia seeds and how they help with the digestive system, contain high levels of omega 3 oils, and have more potassium than a banana.

Even common everyday edible ingredients can be healthful.  Turmeric has very high levels of antioxidants and has been used for thousands of years.  Common cinnamon can also be useful for diabetics.  Himalayan pink salt, although not your traditional table salt, has various benefits including a number of trace minerals.

And the herbs don’t have to be used medicinally, either. Pam said that she has a friend and customer that buys food grade lavender to make a delicious lavender lemonade.  She said many of the herbs are fully edible and make great flavorings.

But, herbs aren’t the only things that she offers.   Essential oils are another well known alternative healing method.  Pam talked about lavender oil and how it is known for helping with headaches/migraines and helping people relax among many other uses.  She also has Tai Chi, meditation, and other workshops along with Reiki healing sessions which is a form of energy healing.  Along with healing crystals, she offers a wide variety of different healing methods.

For more information about Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, check out their Facebook page.

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