Hill of Beans BBQ Wins Feeders Cup in Lexington

Amanda and Emily Moore

Over the past few weeks, Lexington has become all a buzz with the Breeders Cup being hosted at Keeneland this year. As part of the Breeders Cup events, there was a competitive event yesterday where food trucks from around the state and beyond competed to win top spots for the upcoming Breeder’s Cup Festival.  Our very own Craig Wilkins, owner of the Hill of Beans BBQ which is located at the BP gas station right before the Best Western hotel, was invited to attend the event and compete against twenty different well known food trucks from around the area.  All of the trucks were lined up in the Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends, where crowds of people got samples of food from all the different trucks and voted on which one they liked best.  The lines were long, but the people that attended waited patiently to try all the food. Two of the attendees, Amanda and Emily Moore said that they absolutely enjoyed the food that Hill of Beans BBQ was serving.  Between the votes and opinions from a panel of judges, winners were selected for the five different categories.  Craig Wilkins and the Hill of Beans BBQ won the Best Southern Classic category and will now be serving food along with the four other winners at downtown Lexington during this entire week’s Breeder’s Cup Festival.

For more information about the Feeder’s Cup and to see the full competition, check out their website.

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