Hard Game for Bearcats Football

The Anderson County High School Bearcats football team was at Madison Southern last night for a tough football game.  It started out bad for the Bearcats when Madison Southern blocked a punt causing a safety.  Then they managed to score a touchdown, although without the extra point, before the end of the first quarter.  Although still scoreless, the Bearcats had some hope in the second quarter when John Garmon #3 intercepted the ball and ran it in for a touchdown.  With the score now at 8-7, Madison Southern answered back with another touchdown bringing the score to 15-7.  Madison, this time, intercepted the Bearcats and again scored a few plays later.  But, Madison Southern wasn’t done and scored yet another touchdown before the end of the half making the score 29-7.

The game didn’t get much better for the Bearcats in the second half.  Madison Southern would score two more touchdowns before the end of the game.  The Bearcats tried their best to catch up scoring three more touchdowns, but they never got in the lead.  They lost the game, 43-28 Madison Southern.

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