Anonymous Young Girl Saves Dog After Hit and Run

Today, a dog named Brophy, owned by Michael Cinnamon, had gotten out his house and started running around Saffell Street.  Unfortunately, a car hit Brophy and kept going, without stopping.  A young girl witnessed the accident and ran to an adult woman and together they rushed the injured dog to the local vet saving his life.  Afterwards, they went door to door looking for the owner and knocked on Michael’s door.  Not even realizing his dog was missing, he rushed to the vet and never got the names of the girl and woman who saved his dog’s life.  Michael would like to extend a very large thank you to the rescuers and to say that Brophy is doing alright and should make a full recovery.

We have gotten word on who saved the dog. To read who they were, read the below comments. They are all angels for helping save Brophy and we can not thank them enough for all they did.

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  1. My granddaughter,Kaitlyn witnessed the dog getting hit,she was very upset. She is only 8. What a girl she is,she ran to different houses trying to find the owner,but was unsuccessful. Then my young neighbor came out and scooped up the dog,her name is Abby Richardson. We then drove down to the Animal Clinic,were the dog was treated.When we returned home ,my granddaughter and I went house to house to find the owner. We eventually found his owner,Mr.Cinnamon.We were so glad to hear that the little dog is doing well and Kaitlyn is relieved,she was so glad.I just wished that the driver of that car would have found it in there heart to have stopped.

  2. Bravo to all of you! If only the world was filled with more people like all of you!! You are the hope for this world…And I’m so happy Brophy is recovering. It breaks my heart in two to see an innocent animal suffering, especially when the cause is an inconsiderate, uncompassionate human being…Get well soon little Brophy!

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