Local Dentist Has Been Fixing Teeth for 40 Years

Drs Emily Winfrey and Donald Collins

Hidden away in an office just behind the Anderson County Clerk’s building on West Woodford Street is a dentistry practice that has been helping people for four decades.  Dr Donald Collins opened his dentistry practice 40 years ago here in Lawrenceburg.  He originally decided to go into dentistry, when as a child, he and his family lived in Bangkok, Thailand, for two years.  During his time there, he didn’t want to drink the local water, and so he lived on bottled soft drinks.  All those sugary sodas caused a lot of damage to his teeth and when he and his family moved back to the US, he had to undergo nearly a year of constant dental work at the Ohio State Dental School.  Through all that work, he got to know many dental students and young graduates, and he decided to go into the field.

After practicing for two years at a different location, he decided to move to his current location 38 years ago after receiving a grant.  And just two years ago, another dentist decided to join him.  Dr Emily Winfrey said that she wanted to go into dentistry after having a great childhood dentist.  She also wanted to have a career and a family and noticed her childhood dentist had a family as well.

Together, both dentists strive to make their practice as comforting and friendly as possible.  They’ve had patients say that going to them was more like going to a coffee shop than a dentist.  They also never rush their patients and try to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

For more information about Collins and Winfrey, check out their Facebook page and website.

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