Local Business Steeped in Lawrenceburg History

Jim Hyatt

Located right next to Farmers Bank on Main Street stands a nondescript building housing a truly historic business.  Jim’s Pool Hall has been operating out of this location for over four decades and the owner, Jim Hyatt, has seen Lawrenceburg change tremendously over the years.

Jim originally started running pool halls helping his father run one when he was young.  After leaving the army and getting back to town during the 1970s, the lease for his father’s pool hall came up and he decided to move it.  The building that houses his pool hall now was originally a grocery store.  However, it was up for sale; so he bought the building, moved in, and stayed there ever since.

During the early years of his pool hall business, Jim recalled just how life in Lawrenceburg was different than it is now.  The county was much more agriculture based and there weren’t shopping centers all over town.  Main Street was the main business district and people made it a trip to head downtown.  Jim recalled all the farmers that would stop by his business to play a game of pool while their wives went shopping just to only get yelled at later when they were done saying the groceries and ice cream were melting.

The pool hall used to also host tournaments and even be a part of leagues that went around the regional area.  Trophies still stand in the hall showcasing some of the wins.

But, nowadays, Jim doesn’t host tournaments anymore.  He now mostly keeps the doors open as it’s something he likes to do even though he could have retired long ago.  Many older residents still visit the pool hall in the morning and even some younger ones at night.  He is also glad that downtown is being revitalized, maybe bringing it back to its once former glory.

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