High School Art Teachers Chosen to Exhibit Art at UK

Jenny Kittinger and Chris WilderChris Wilder's SculptureJenny Kittinger's Painting

Two of Anderson County’s own art teachers were recently selected to display their artwork at the University of Kentucky’s new fine arts building.  Jenny Kittinger and Chris Wilder, both art teachers at the high school, received a notification about a special art exhibit that UK was sponsoring to showcase artwork from high school art teachers around the state.  They, along with numerous others, entered their work and they were chosen with around 20 other entrees to display their work.

Both teachers, who have donated works in the past to the Anderson Humane Society’s art event and the Empty Bowls event, said that it was not only a great way to showcase some of their own art, but it was also a perfect opportunity to teach their students on how to prepare and enter their artwork for a show and even how to create an exhibit.  They also said it was a way for students to see what their teachers can create and maybe even inspire them to go further.

Both of their works, a painting by Jenny and a sculpture by Chris, will be on display and are available for sale at UK’s new fine arts building until the end of the month.

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