Anderson Tries But Loses Against Montgomery

Last night was the second to last home football game for the Anderson County High School Bearcats.  They faced off against a similarly matched Montgomery County for a cold night of high school football.  Both teams’ offense had issues during the first quarters of the game, with a number of fumbles and generally sloppy play.  The game remained scoreless for the first quarter but the Bearcats got their only touchdown of the night right at the start of the second quarter, with Ryan Martin #20 running a yard into the end zone.  The Bearcats defense though stayed strong, stopping Montgomery from scoring a number of times.  By the end of the half, the score still remained 7-0 as the Bearcats tried but couldn’t score again.

The advantage went back to the Bearcats for a short time as Tyler Peters #2 intercepted Montgomery County.  The Bearcats took advantage of it, but right before they scored, there was a fumble and Montgomery recovered it.  But the aggressive Bearcats defense did well to stop Montgomery from going further until they took it a bit too far and tackled the punter causing Montgomery to get a first down from the penalty.  That gave Montgomery all they needed and were able to score after very long drive.

The Bearcats answered back in the next few plays.  Ryan Martin #20 ran a massive kick return setting the Bearcats up for a good field position.  But the Bearcats offense couldn’t get the touchdown and settled for a field goal, putting them back in the lead, 10-7.

The Bearcats defense then dominated Montgomery’s offense until the one pivotal play of the night.  Montgomery faked a punt, putting the Bearcats off guard and they took full advantage of it.  Montgomery scored their final touchdown of the game during the next play causing Anderson to lose, 14-10.

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  1. Thank You for the Great Pictures of My Grandson #51 Braxton Bostic. Thanks for pics of ALL the Bearcats and the Band!!!! You guys Rock!!!

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