Health Dept Brings Back Diabetes Support Group

Terri Phelps

Anyone who is diabetic knows the challenge of controlling the disease and the risks of all the complications that can occur from it.  Because of this, the Anderson County Health Department has restarted a diabetes support program to help residents of the county manage their diabetes and help prevent further problems.  Registered dietitian Terri Phelps and the health department brought the program back in September and will be holding a free meeting on the first Thursday of every month from 5-6pm at the health department building which is located near the new Walmart on Glens Boro Road.  The meetings focus as a way for attendees to share issues and support one another.  They also will have guest medical speakers discussing issues related to diabetes each month.

The health department also offers a program that is free for every diabetic on medicare or medicaid which focuses on controlling diabetes with nutrition.  The program works with a patient’s diet to help manage blood sugar levels which in turn helps prevent further complications.

For more information about these programs, check out the health department’s Facebook page.

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