Charlie Cammack Presented History of Lawrenceburg to Senior Center

Last week, as part of the Anderson County Senior Center activities, Charlie Cammack, Vice Chairman of Farmers Bank and also on the board of directors of the Anderson County Economic Development Authority, gave a presentation about some of the history in Lawrenceburg. For many of the seniors, this discussion brought back lots of wonderful memories.

Charlie began his discussion talking about how amazing Lawrenceburg is and how, even during the depression, the two banks in Lawrenceburg, the Anderson Bank and the Lawrenceburg National Bank, were able to go through this time without ever closing their doors or having any depositor lose any money. He also explained how the leaders of the city and county had extreme passion for Lawrenceburg during these early years, and it made a world of difference in how well the town grew and thrived. During these earlier years, there were many people who did not only serve in the government but were also active in the churches, schools and other organizations in the county. This passion became the backbone to the amazing growth of the county.

After WWII, the economy of Anderson County was thriving. Main Street became the place to gather. People would flock to Main Street every Saturday which created a problem with parking. To help get passed the lack of parking, many people would go into town early in the afternoon to make sure they had a spot to park. All the stores were filled with businesses including clothing stores, restaurants, pool rooms, and everything in-between. There was even a theater called the Lyric Theater and was located where the Anderson County Clerk building currently is. The cost for a movie at the time was 15 cents and had an eatery called the Lobby Shop.

Photo provided by Jeff Waldridge of the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk

Photo provided by Jeff Waldridge, The Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk

Early in the history of Lawrenceburg, the train was one of the only good means of transportation.  So back in the late 1880’s, the train station was built on Court Street and remained there for over a hundred years until just recently being relocated to US 127 and made into the Anderson County Farmers Market.

Beside Main Street, the entire downtown district was also very busy. There was a hotel and opera house across from the train station on Court Street. In between the train station and the building that currently houses the Kelley Puckett Dance Studio was a car dealership owned by the White Brothers, Woodrow and Shorty. On Woodford Street, there was another car dealership located right behind the Lyric theater, which was owned by Harold Hanks. This building is now where Splatter Inc is located.

Charlie also discussed the many schools that were throughout the county and how these schools created small close-nit communities though out the county. There were also a number of public high schools including the Anderson High School where the Christian Academy is now located, Lawrenceburg High School where the current school bus parking lot is, the Kavanaugh School which was used by the county as a high school for a time, and Western School which had students from elementary grades up to high school level. Basketball was very popular within the county which brought many tournaments into Lawrenceburg.

The hour long presentation was enjoyed by all the seniors who had attended and they were very grateful and happy to reminisce about the old times.

For more information about the Anderson County Senior Center click here.

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