Local Store Helping Smokers Choose Something Safer

David Anderson and Jacqueline Sanzone

Located next to the Anderson Apothecary is a unique store trying to help people addicted to cigarette smoking to choose something that is possibly safer.  JD Vapor, run by Jacqueline Sanzone and David Anderson, is similar to tobacco stores but instead of selling tobacco they sell electronic cigarettes and accessories.  E-cigarettes are different than normal cigarettes where instead of inhaling smoke, an e-cigarette produces a misty vapor containing nicotine.  Because of this, some health agencies around the world feel that e-cigarettes may be less dangerous than standard cigarettes.  Jacqueline and David decided to get into the business of selling e-cigarettes when David got his father to switch from smoking four packs of cigarettes a day to using e-cigarettes and saw a major improvement in his health.  David and Jacqueline also were smokers and tried e-cigarettes themselves and found them to be a benefit.

After seeing his brother open a store in Lexington and helping his mother build one in Frankfort, David and Jacqueline decided to move to Lawrenceburg and open their own store so other smokers could get access to what they found helped them.  They carry a host of e-cigarettes and accessories and try to help customers learn how to use them and provide a friendly atmosphere.  They’ve said that they’ve helped many smokers switch over to the less dangerous e-cigarettes over the time they’ve been open.

For more information about JD Vapor, check out their Facebook page.

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