New Orleans Coming to Lawrenceburg

As Main Street continues to transform, one of the upcoming new restaurants is getting closer to opening. Although there was an unforeseen delay, Bourbon Street on Main is now back on track.

Eve Guilbault, one of the partners of the restaurant, has now stepped into the position of manager of this awesome new restaurant. Eve was born and raised in New Orleans, but moved to Lexington ten years ago. As years went by, Eve found herself falling in love with the small towns of Kentucky. On her quest to find the perfect place to live, Eve found Lawrenceburg and moved here two years ago.

Throughout her years in New Orleans, Eve was in the restaurant management profession. Working in some of the best restaurants in New Orleans and surrounding cities, Eve began to miss the amazing flavors of her home town. With a dream in her heart and the love for Lawrenceburg, Eve along with the other partners, decided to bring New Orleans to Lawrenceburg.

With a great New Orleans flavor and flare, this new restaurant will be the talk of the town. As you walk through the doors, it will be like you have been transported to Louisiana. Along with amazing tasting Cajun style food, the restaurant will also be serving alcoholic beverages that have their roots in the deep south. Beverages like the Hurricane, Rum Bunch and Sazerac will be served by the head bartender who is also from New Orleans.

But this restaurant goes beyond just the food and drinks. A stage and dance floor has been installed to offer great entertainment. With all types of amazing music including jazz, magic acts and even amateur night, this restaurant will certainly become a great place to gather with friends and family.

To find out more about the restaurant, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Just want to let everyone know. Wayne Best and Belinda Ritchie are no longer affiliated with Bourbon. Street on Main

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