Fitness Firm To Improve Fitness Experience

Derek Craft

Located behind Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy on Glensboro Road, there is a fitness center that has been providing a place for many of the community residents to go to exercise. Fitness Firm is an unique fitness center that has been a part of Anderson County for over seven years.  Starting back in 2008, Fitness Firm has been providing Lawrenceburg with a 24 hour gym and fitness center along with personal trainers and classes.  And now they’re looking to add more to their gym.

Derek Craft, general manager at Fitness Firm, said that they are currently working on making their fitness experience better.  They’re in the process of getting new equipment and broadening their outreach to help supply the community with more health options through exercise.  They’re also starting to get more involved in the local high school sports program.

Besides their new plans, they still offer a selection of group classes and personal trainers where anyone can get access to without a membership. And because they are locally owned and not a franchise, they are able to have simple membership options without any hidden fees.  Fitness Firm also accepts some insurance companies and the SilverSneakers program along with discounts for seniors, military, police, and fire personnel.

For more information about Fitness Firm, check out their Facebook page and website.

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