Fun and Learning at First Back Up Bully Workshop

The first of three, free workshops was held this past weekend for the new Back Up Bully! program.  Headed by Donna Crain Drury, the program is about helping reduce schoolyard bullying and fostering a network of students to help spread the word against bullying.  This past workshop was geared for first through third graders, and the kids along with the parents and even grandparents had fun and learned about how to help other children when bullying occurs and how not to be a bully themselves.  They also got to make necklaces made out of items that represented positive qualities in people.  At the end of the workshop, the children took a pledge to always help other students when they see someone being bullied, to tell adults about the bullying, and to not be bullies themselves.

The next upcoming workshop for the program will be on October 17th from 9am to 11am at the Board of Education building and will focus on fourth and fifth graders.  Room is still available for this workshop, and to register, please visit their Facebook page or contact Donna directly at

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