Anderson County Fire Dept Visiting Schools

Firefighter Andrew Zopff and ClassSarah Cummins and ClassLieutenant Rob Gresham and Firefighter Andrew Zopff

Last week was National Fire Prevention Week and because the schools were closed for fall break, the Anderson County Fire Department decided to celebrate fire prevention this week by visiting the schools around the county.  On their first stop of schools, they visited the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg and showed all the children the fire equipment that the firefighters use every time there is a fire or car accident.  Sarah Cummins kindergarten class was present at the time and really enjoyed watching Firefighter Andrew Zopff showing off the fire truck and all the equipment. County fire department mascot Sparky was also there helping with the demonstrations and having a fun time with the kids.  The students also learned about having smoke alarms in each room and what to do if there’s a fire.  After today, the fire department will be visiting the public schools throughout the week.

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