Bringing Awareness for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day and to help bring awareness to mental illness, we interviewed a counselor who was born and raised in Lawrenceburg and still lives in town.  John Thacker grew up on a farm right off of Pump House Road here in Lawrenceburg and graduated Anderson County High School in 2007.  He then went to University of Kentucky to get his master’s degree, got married and bought a house right near his childhood home on the same street.

During this same time, he got a position with KVC Behavioral Healthcare where he did in home and in school services for children and families with mental health issues around Lawrenceburg and the surrounding area.  While working for KVC, he got to go back and work at Saffell Street Elementary, where he was a student at years before.  As he worked in Lawrenceburg, he did a lot of outreach in the area, trying to bring awareness of services to help treat mental illness.

Although John now works for Lexington Counseling and Psychiatry out of Frankfort, he still continues to want to spread the word about services for mental illness especially for Lawrenceburg.  He said that there’s limited options currently available for residents, and many still have to travel distances to receive any help.

For more information about John, check out his website.

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