Police Officers Honored with Prayer and Blue Lights

Michael ChildressBlue Light Bulbs at Ace HardwareBlue Light at Ace HardwarePrayer Gathering at Court HouseOfficer Robert Peach and Judge Executive Orbrey GrittonMark Wells and Tommy Johnson

Today and through the past few weeks, our local community has been showing amazing support to all police officers.  During last month, after the death of State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, local resident Michael Childress who was a friend of Trooper Ponder received a text message from a friend of his that is also a deputy in Hardin County.  His friend started a campaign for residents to display blue lights across Hardin County to show community support for local police officers and was wondering if Michael could help make it a state wide initiative.  Michael said that, although he was relatively new to Anderson County, he would try his best.

And support for the blue lights is growing.  Michael said that a number of residents in Anderson County have put blue light bulbs in outdoor light fixtures to show support.  A couple of large news agencies, including LEX18, have picked up the story to help spread the word.  Our local Ace Hardware has also joined in by installing their own blue light bulb and donating one dollar for every blue light bulb sold to Supporting Heroes which is a Louisville based organization that has helped with the recent funerals of fallen officers.

In addition to blue light bulbs, another local resident, Tommy Johnson, organized a wonderful prayer at the lawn in front of the Anderson County Court House this morning to show support for all the officers.  Tommy said that he felt it was something he needed to do as a way he can help give protection and support to our police officers.  Many residents came out to join Tommy in prayer including a number of officers and many local government officials including Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton, County Clerk Jason Denny, and City Clerk Robbie Hume.  Mark Wells also gave a prayer after Tommy.  Lawrenceburg, over these past few weeks, has really shown amazing support for our police officers.

Below is a video of the prayer held this morning in front of the court house.

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