Bluegrass Sabor Officially Opens on Main St

Jean Williams and Ramon SimpsonLuis Velasquez, one of the ownersChefs Cayetano Posadas and Jeannie Ray

Today, the Bluegrass Sabor restaurant, located on Main Street right next to the new parking lot, has officially opened to much anticipation.  The restaurant, offering a full breakfast through dinner menu, is one of the latest new eateries to open here in Lawrenceburg.  The new restaurant has a very wide variety to their menu, including french toast, salads, sandwiches, steaks and more.  Two guests at the new restaurant, Jean Williams and Ramon Simpson, said they really enjoyed their meal.

For more information, check out their Facebook page and website.

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  1. This is our 3rd visit to your restaurant. The food is wonderful but the waiting time is way too long when there are empty tables available and the waitresses are not trained and do a terrible job. Most of them are not even friendly. We had to wait 35 minutes for a table and there were empty tables with no one at them and they were not that busy. The waitress came out and ask for our order a sec0nd time; said she had trouble with the computer. We waited another 20 minutes for our food. This is not good. Lawrenceburg really needs this type of restaurant and I hate to see it so unmanaged. We will wait a while before we go back hoping that there will be a change. Good luck with your restaurant. Lawrenceburg needs this type of business.

  2. My husband and I have enjoyed eating at the Sabor on two different occasions.
    We were served by very professional wait staff. The bar was very well stocked. We had a very short wait time. We were impressed with the many choices on the menu.
    We enjoyed dinner, and then a few days later decided to have lunch. On both visits, our food was served piping hot, perfectly prepared, fresh and loaded with flavor. The prices were very affordable. We may have gone at the right time, but I would easily give this new eatery a solid 4 Star ratings. My Birthday s right around the corner, And you will find me dining on ‘The Prime Rib” dinner. Keep up the good work Kara and Staff.

  3. We had dinner last evening at the Bluegrass Sabor and we’re very impressed. We were seated immediately and our order was taken in a short time. The staff was professional and friendly. The food was wonderful!

  4. This has become my favorite restaurant. I have heard so many positive comments from several people about the great food and service. I am enjoying trying a new menu item every time I go to this restaurant. It is wonderful to have a restaurant such as this one in Lawrenceburg and I only travel one mile to get there. Kudos to Bluegrass and I hope you remain serving our community for many years to come.

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