Chef’s Southern Cuisine Prepares to Open

From left: Kirt Raizor, Kelly Schanen, Chef Donald HargroveChef Donald Hargrove Preparing All the FoodIMG_9534Don Lewis and Charlene Sipila

Chef’s Southern Cuisine, located in the old Hunter’s Grill at Eagle Lake towards the north end of town, is preparing to open tomorrow, and they decided to do a trial opening today to a number of invited guests.  Chef Donald Hargrove, owner Kelly Schanen, and bar manager Kirt Raizor along with a full crew prepared a massive feast of all the different menu options for the guests to try.  The food not only looked amazing but tasted phenomenal.  All the guests we interviewed loved the food, especially the options that can’t be easily found elsewhere in the area.  Charlene Sipila and Don Lewis said that they really enjoyed everything and were surprised at the variety of the menu.  Don especially loved the sea crab soup.

They’ll be opening tomorrow at 11am.  For more information on the new restaurant, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. A breath of fresh air! Excellent menu options cooked to perfection. Hilton Head lost some superstars! Our filets, medium rare, were cooked perfectly and sides were seasoned wonderfully by an obviously refined palate. Staff was gracious and attentive. Wow, just wow.

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