School Bus Driver Makes Amazing Items Out of Wood

From left: Jan Cooke, Phil Cooke, and LadybirdPhil revealing a box with a hidden compartment.IMG_9344Phil showing a handmade carving tool.

Right here in Lawrenceburg is an artist that creates amazing items out of various pieces of wood, much of it from pieces of scrap.  Phil Cooke, when he’s not driving a school bus, has been creating spectacular wood plates, bowls, goblets, candle holders and more right out of his garage.  Phil said that he has been creating items on and off since he was young, but it wasn’t until this year that he decided to clear out his garage and dedicate more time to it.  To create some of the unique items, he even made his own tools and still uses tools given to him from his grandfather.  He said that he isn’t currently selling the items that he makes but has given away a number of them.  Jan Cooke, his wife, has been supportive of his work although there’s a few items she wants him to make for the house.

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  1. That’s cool Phil.. Very impressive stuff. This kids today would follow us with using our imaginations and crafting stuff from scratch and not expecting everything just given to them done.

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