Putting Lawrenceburg in Print for 44 Years

From left: Jackie Wells, Christie Wells, Brittany Goodpaster, Leslie HemardJackie WellsBrittany GoodpasterLeslie Hemard

Right off of East Court Street is a business that has been helping other businesses and the community for over 44 years. Lawrenceburg Printing is a full service print shop that has been providing different printing options for nearly four and a half decades even as technology kept changing. Originally founded and still run by Jackie Wells, the print shop has seen a wide variety of printing technologies and customers from all over the world.

Jackie started in the printing business back when he was just 18 years old. Working first at the state government’s print shop and then moving to a commercial shop in Frankfort, he got the opportunity to branch off on his own when he and a partner formed Lawrenceburg Printing in 1971 in the very same building that they’re located today. A few years later, he bought out his silent partner’s share and ran the business on his own successfully via high quality prints and good prices.

Over the years, Jackie said that printing technology has changed drastically. One of the earlier pieces of equipment he used was something similar to an electric typewriter. Of course now almost everything is done with a computer, but he still has and uses various older pieces of equipment for particular jobs that require it.

Christie Wells, Jackie’s wife, reminisced about a time before they had their collating machine, which puts pages in order for a book. The print shop received an order for a thousand copies of the Anderson County High School Handbook. They had to manually collate all the pages laid out on a table, picking one page at a time from piles of paper to form a single copy.

But now the print shop has all the modern equipment needed for today’s printing needs. From large digital printers to computers, they can print just about anything for anyone, anywhere. They have printed materials for various school districts around the state, many different items for Buffalo Trace, and even business cards for someone living in Japan.

For more information about Lawrenceburg Printing, check out their website.

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