Dinos and Dads was a Success

Joan MartinRocky SaracenoAmy IturresRocky Breaking Open a GeodeJustin and Brodey SmithBruce, Taylor, and Alexis Caldwell

Yesterday, at the Sparrow Early Childhood Center, Joan Martin from the Anderson County Extension Service helped put together an amazingly fun yet informative program for the children and help create a way for dads to get more involved in the school.  Dinos and Dads was a great success yesterday, teaching children about dinosaurs, fossils, and rocks while getting easily over 60 fathers involved at the same time.  While completely funded by a donation through Kentucky’s System to Enhance Early Development (KY SEED), the program brought in Rocky Saraceno and Amy Iturres from New York to show the kids a host of different dinosaur fossils, casts, and even ancient shark teeth.  After the initial performance, the fathers took their children to stations set up around the room to make shark teeth necklaces, see a geode broken open, and more.  The children had a phenomenal time and so did the parents, except maybe when having to sit on the small kids chairs.

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