Senior Locks Keys in House and Community Helps

Francis Conner Gorham and Matthew Berry

Francis Conner Gorham and Matthew Berry

On Thursday of last week, Ms Frances Conner Gorham, who is 90 years old, was heading to KORT for her physical therapy appointment.  Without realizing it, she accidentally left her keys in her house and had the door pre-locked before shutting it.  Not being able to get back into her house, she wasn’t sure how she was going to get to her appointment.  But she was determined and with a bit of help from the community, she was able to get to KORT.

Seeing Frances stranded outside her house, two young men driving by turned around and offered her help.  She accepted, and they drove her to the Anderson Senior Center.  From there, the center drove her over to KORT so she could complete her therapy.

Frances says the therapy and Matthew Berry, the physical therapist, were helping her greatly.  She said that she really enjoys the various exercises and is feeling great, despite locking her keys in her house.

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