A Family Tradition at Anderson Apothecary

John Serafini Holding a Picture of his Grandfather Working at his Pharmacy

John Serafini Holding a Picture of his Grandfather Working at his Pharmacy

John Serafini, owner and pharmacist at the Anderson Apothecary, has been working at a pharmacy since he was 16 years old.  Starting at his grandfather’s pharmacy as a teenager, John enjoyed it greatly and found his calling to become a pharmacist.  After graduating high school and college, he started working as a pharmacist for other companies starting in 1998.  He worked at different companies at various times but realized that the larger chain stores just didn’t have as much of a caring atmosphere that he was looking for.

John then got the opportunity to open the Anderson Apothecary on US127 near the Best Western.  There, he has been serving customers like he always wanted to do, with compassion and personal service.  He also loves getting to know all his customers and to be friends with everyone.

And, just like how he got started, his daughter Peyton has been helping out at the pharmacy for about a year and a half.  Originally just helping with stocking the store, John has said that she has really taken an interest in the pharmacy and wants to maybe one day become a pharmacist herself.

John also wanted to add that he is now working back at the Apothecary part time after having a tragic accident with a riding lawnmower that flipped on top of him breaking a number of his bones.  He said that he should be working full time again soon, hopefully within the next few weeks.

For more information about the Anderson Apothecary, check out their Facebook page.

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