Community Helps Find Missing Dog

Jenay, Veronica, and Alizay Peyton

Jenay, Veronica, and Alizay Peyton

Last week, a family pet got loose and was lost, but thanks to everyone in the community, he was reunited with his family.  Buddy, a chihuahua mix, has been with the Peyton family for seven years and the girls, Alizay and Jenay, grew up with him like as if he was a friend or even a sibling.  But, one fateful day last week, Buddy got under the Peyton family’s fence and started roaming the area near Carlton Drive.

Realizing that Buddy was lost, Veronica Peyton searched for him and posted on Facebook about him.  Two days would pass and he still wasn’t found.  We then posted the story about Buddy being lost and through massive community sharing and outreach, Buddy was found.

Buddy, just a short time before, was at the Animal Clinic receiving shots.  Reva Perry, who lives just one road away from the Peytons, found Buddy but didn’t know who he belonged to.  Thinking he was just a stray, she took him to the vet to get shots.  After leaving the vet’s office, someone at the clinic saw the Facebook post about a lost dog.  They then quickly called Veronica and Reva to tell them what happened.

Veronica and her girls were extremely happy to have Buddy back and Reva was glad to see him go back to his family.  Reva also paid for the shots for Buddy and wouldn’t accept any offer to pay her for the bill.  We thank everyone who shared the original story to help reunite this family!

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