ACHS Bearcats Football Tries But Loses to Dunbar

Friday night was cold and wet for the Anderson County High School homecoming football game against the Dunbar Bulldogs.  The players, cheerleaders, and even the Lawrenceburg Fire and Rescue Honor Guard represented by Keith Nowlin, Bill Curtsinger, Tim Harrod, and Morgan Penn, were in good form amidst the rain.

After the formalities, the game was kicked off and the Bearcats were strong in the beginning.  Brydon Labhart #28 scored the first touchdown for the Bearcats giving them an early lead against the Bulldogs.  Both teams’ defenses were strong after the first score, preventing a number of possible touchdowns.  However, the rain and wet field made everything slick, and the Bearcats fumbled right near the Bulldogs end zone.  The Bulldogs took advantage of the turnover and tied the game before the end of the first half.

Due to the excessive rain, the homecoming half time celebrations were held in the gym.  Belle White was crowned homecoming queen and Sammy Rogers was crowned homecoming princess.

After half time, the game resumed to a much smaller crowd as the weather got worse.  The Bearcats tried again to score after receiving the kick, but the Bulldogs intercepted this time.  The Bulldogs again took advantage of the turnover and scored another touchdown, making the game 14-7.

But, the turnovers wouldn’t end there.  The Bearcats would be intercepted once more and the Bulldogs would fumble with a recovery by Anderson.  As the field got even more muddy, the players had a hard time running and neither team would score again in the third quarter.

The Bulldogs, however, would pull away further in the fourth scoring another touchdown.  The Bearcats tried their best to recover before the end of the game, but the rain and mud got worse.  The Bearcats lost the game, 21-7.

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