Civil War Reenactment Getting Ready

Dan StumphFrom Left: Sean Terry, Aeden Stumph, Amy Crume, Dan Stumph, Dee TollBuckner's BatteryBuckner's BatteryCity Attorney Robert Myles

The Civil War Reenactment at the county park is getting ready.  Dan Stumph, along with Amy Crume, Aedan Stumph, Sean Terry, and Dee Toll, are at the park cooking up a massive pot of burgoo for those participating in the reenactment.  Camped nearby is the Confederate Buckner’s Battery, which is an artillery unit.  Many in the group are from all over the region, coming here to Lawrenceburg to bring history to life.  The rest of the area is getting ready, with city attorney, Robert Myles, taking care of the garbage.  The first battle will take place at 2pm while part of the park’s roads will be closed down starting at 1:30pm.  For the full schedule, please check out the battle’s website.

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