Chef’s Southern Cuisine Bringing in a Celebrity Chef

Chef Donald Hargrove

Chef Donald Hargrove

Kelly Schanen, soon to be owner and operator of Chef’s Southern Cuisine which will be located at the old Hunter’s Grill at Eagle Lake, has hired a celebrity chef from South Carolina.  Chef Donald Hargrove has been in the restaurant business now for 35 years, starting off as just a bus boy at a Shoney’s when he was 14 years old.  He worked there for 17 years and then became an official chef 13 years ago.  While living in South Carolina, he became a popular local chef that eventually earned him a local TV and radio show.

As the executive chef at Pepper’s Old Town restaurant, he met Kelly Schanen who worked there as the general manager.  The two worked great together and Kelly wondered if Donald would like to work with him if he ever opened his own restaurant.  Donald agreed and not long after found his way to Lawrenceburg to be the executive chef at Kelly’s new restaurant.

With the restaurant shaping up and preparing to open early October, Donald has created a very tasty menu, bringing a fresh and unique dining option to our town.  Since he focuses on southern coastal food, he’s planning a palate of seafood items that will be freshly made with a very keen focus on freshly made sauces.  He will also be cooking up a variety of steaks, natural vegetables, pastas, and many other southern home style recipes that have been forgotten over the years.

Chef’s Southern Cuisine will be open 7 days a week from 11am-10pm Sunday through Thursday and 11am to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

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