History and New Events at the Humane Society

Megan Smith and Donna CallahanDonna Callahan Helping Moving Dogs in the Adoption CenterCheryl SteenersonFrom left: Daniel Morris, Holly Morris, Elyn Maxwell, Jessica Cannoy, Bryan Cannoy

The Anderson County Humane Society has been providing a much needed service here in Lawrenceburg for over 40 years.  Cheryl Steenerson, former president of the humane society, said that Anne Garrison and a circle of other women in the 1970s took it upon themselves to convince the Anderson County Fiscal Court to provide funding to create what would become the humane society.  At the time, there weren’t any shelters for stray animals or even animal control to help catch stray animals.  When they finally got the court to approve the funding, the humane society was created which would later get the county to fund an animal control department to help keep strays off the streets.

The society through the years has been dedicated to helping animals.  They work closely with animal control and to help promote adoptions, rescues, and spaying/neutering of animals in the county.  They also provide education on how to care for animals and what to do if an animal has a behavior problem.  Donna Callahan, director of the adoption center and one of only two paid employees, makes sure that the adoption process goes smoothly and to find other shelters to help house animals when they can no longer take any more animals.

The humane society and its shelter wouldn’t be possible without all the generous donations of time, money, and resources from citizens of the county.  Although the county provides land and pays for their utility bills, the society has to pay for all other expenses.  They raise much of it through a membership program and events held throughout the year.  They also have an extensive network of volunteers and foster families ready to take the overload of animals that can’t be housed at the shelter.

During this year, the society will be hosting a couple of brand new events to help raise funds and foster awareness of rescuing animals.  The first event coming up on September 26th, called “Take Your Mutt for a Strut,” is a 3k run at the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort.  Created by Holly Morris along with the help of Daniel Morris, Elyn Maxwell, Jessica Cannoy, and Bryan Cannoy, the run has a unique twist where you can run with your dog during the event.  For more information and how to register, please visit the K9-3K website.

The other event on October 3rd called “Wag-N-Wheel” will be a fun wild west themed night with great food and drinks, old fashion card games, a big bonfire, black and white western movies, hay rides, and more.  Western attire is not required although encouraged.  For more information and how to buy tickets, please visit the humane society’s website.

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