“Reality Check” Shows Students the Real World

Heather AdamsCounty Clerk Jason DennyEmily Hatfield & Kaitlyn BatesCourtney Dillingham, Tyler Smith, Scott Smith

Yesterday, the Anderson County High School held their yearly “Reality Check” where students learn how to live on their own when they’re done with school.  Heather Adams, one of the coordinators of the event, explained that the students chose a particular career they were interested in earlier in the week, and they were then assigned a salary for that career.  The students then decided how they wanted to live, including having a house in the city or county, how many children they wanted, what kind of car, etc.  The students then were directed to different tables representing all the various services they would need as an adult to see how much it would cost them.

Heather explained that the first table all the students had to visit was “Uncle Sam,” represented by our County Clerk, Jason Denny.  The students learned just how much taxes would be before any other expenses.  They continued onward and, according to Heather, most of the students would run out of money before the end.  They’d then have to go to the bank and supplemental income tables to learn more on how they could fix their budgets.  In another section, the students also got feedback on how to do job interviews.

In the end, the students got a great preview on what they will need to do when they graduate.

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