Local Residents and Teacher Dream Big with Children’s Book

Linda Robinson and Elizabeth Harley

A Lawrenceburg teacher, two local artists, and a resident of Frankfort have written and illustrated an amazing children’s book, called Patty Platypus Dreams Big, geared toward helping children to always look to the future and dream big.  Originally starting with Linda Robinson, the idea came to her while working for the department of education in Frankfort.  During her years there, she found that children in generational poverty couldn’t easily dream about the future or have any hopes of a better life.

While on a trip to Washington DC for the department, she found the same problem with adults in a similar situation.  When the cab pulled up to drive her to her next stop, she noticed it was in poor condition.  As she talked with the driver, Linda realized that the driver grew up in generational poverty and also had no dreams or hope for the future.  The cab driver said that Linda was the first adult to ever say to her that she has the right to dream and look to the future.  The driver was incredibly touched.

When Linda got back to Kentucky, she knew in her heart that she wanted to help tackle this problem.  While searching online, she came across Thirty One and met with the local director, Elizabeth Harley who is also a teacher at Saffell Street Elementary School.  Since Elizabeth was a teacher and Linda worked for the department of education, they decided they were going to put together a curriculum to help children to dream and see hope in the future.

But, there was an addition coming to their plans.  Elizabeth had a dream to write a children’s book and wrote the core of the book.  She then sent it to Linda who said that the rest of the book just flowed quickly and the writing was done in about a week.

Since this was a children’s book, they wanted to have great illustrations to go along with the writing.  After searching around for options, they eventually picked two Lawrenceburg artists and cousins, Sarah Dean and Ashley Logue.  Even though it was their first time illustrating a children’s book, the cousins did a fantastic job with the artwork and finished it in about a year’s time.

After finishing the illustrations and formatting, Elizabeth and Linda submitted it to a self publishing agency, and they now have their book up on Amazon.  They will also be selling it locally at the Burgoo Festival and the Anderson Public Library during their Family Literacy Storytime at 6pm on Monday.  Linda and Elizabeth also said they have more stories and books on the horizon and will be soon finishing their curriculum.

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