Best Cheeseburgers and More in Lawrenceburg

Debbie Riley, Owner

Today is National Cheeseburger Day, and last week we asked our followers on Facebook who made the best cheeseburger in Lawrenceburg. The votes were counted and the Fairgrounds won. This marks the fourth win for the Fairgrounds which includes the best hot dogs, french fries and onion rings. We have been amazed at how the Fairgrounds restaurant has won the hearts of so many of Lawrenceburg residents. Instead of writing our short story about the national day, we decided to do something a bit different and write a story about the restaurant.

Fairgrounds was originally built back in the early 1960’s by Mr. Fields. His daughter, Suzanne, worked along side of him, and eventually took it over. After a few more changes in ownership, Walter and Debbie Riley purchased the restaurant back in July of 2007. Having had experience working at the Fairgrounds years ago, Debbie was able to jump right in and with her husband and family by her side, the Fairgrounds restaurant began serving Lawrenceburg with delicious food in no time.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck three short years later, when the restaurant burned in December of 2010. The fire was determined to have been caused by a fryer that was left on accidentally. But the family pulled together and was able to rebuild the restaurant within 8 months time. Since then, the family has been doing what they do best, making extremely delicious food by using the freshest high quality ingredients made from scratch.  So stop by today and have the voted best cheeseburger in town.

The Fairgrounds Restaurant is located at 723 West Broadway in Lawrenceburg.



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