ACHS Students Helping the Senior Center and More

From left: Allison Albertson, Marianna Colten, Katie Isaac, Julio DrakeCallee Felder, Austin ButtsJason FultzFrom Left: Reese Cox, Austin Butts, Mollie Fields, Zachary Harp, Jillian Case

The Anderson County High School freshman students were out again this year in the community for Impact Day, helping various organizations around the county.  Organized by Clay Birdwhistell, the freshman students go out in the community to do service projects while the older students take practice tests.  We visited the group at the Anderson County Senior Center, who were helping the center with various projects.  Marianna Colten, Spanish teacher at the school, was directing her freshmen home room class to help clean the windows, tables, and even work on fixing up the landscaping in the front of the building.  Senior Center Director, Steve Carmichael, said that the students were doing a great job with helping the center and is glad they were able to help clean up the center before the Burgoo Festival.

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