A Unique Bank Bringing Large Services with Small Town Feel

From left: Anne Stidham, Ann Harley, Jessicah Lafferty, Tiffany Kessinger, Jeff Ford

Located in front of the Walmart in Lawrenceburg, MainSource Bank is a relatively new bank in town but offers a great small town bank feel and the options of a bigger bank.  Back in 2006 when Walmart opened their new location out on US127 Bypass and route 44, the lots in front, near the bypass, were just open lots.  But, in 2007, American Founders Bank decided to purchase one of the lots and built their bank on it.  A couple of years later, American Founders was bought out by MainSource, and they rebranded the bank in the spring of 2010.

Because MainSource is a mid sized bank with a number of branches in Kentucky and surrounding states, they’re able to combine the best of being a larger and smaller bank.  They provide the better services of a large bank but still have the flexibility and agility that smaller banks have when working with customers for loans.  And because the branch here is staffed with many local employees, they keep a family atmosphere making their customers feel at home.

So if you need the resources of a larger bank but want the small town feel of a smaller one, check out MainSource Bank in front of the Walmart.

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