Seth Carnahan Memorial Bowl Ends in Disappointment for ACMS

Today was the fourth annual Seth Carnahan Memorial Bowl held in memory of Seth Carnahan who was an Anderson County Middle School student who died in 2009 in the Elkhorn Creek in Georgetown.  Proceeds from the game are given to the middle school to improve the football field for the school.

This year’s match up was between the Anderson Mustangs and the Pulaski County Northern Middle School Maroons.  Unfortunately for Anderson, Northern Middle was incredibly strong and scored many times before the end of the first half.  And, on top of this, there was a tragedy on the field before the end of the second quarter. Caleb Puckett #47 was injured requiring an ambulance to be called to the field.  He was taken off the field with an ankle or leg injury, according to our sources.

The second half of the game wasn’t much better for the Mustangs.  They kept back the onslaught, stopping Northern Middle from scoring during the last quarter.  But, there was a slimmer of hope for the Mustangs during the last drive of the game.  They quickly moved the ball ever closer to the end zone, but ran out of time before they could make their first touchdown.  The game ended 28-0, Northern Middle.

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