A Day that Changed the World

Fourteen years ago today, marked a day in history that changed the world forever. Back in 2001 at 8:46 am, a plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center and stuck the hearts of Americans.

Living in New Jersey at the time, this tragedy hit too close to home. As a child, I grew up just outside of New York City. From my classroom window, I was able to watch the World Trade Center rise one floor at a time above the New York skyline as it was being built. Although I lived very close to the city, I never had the opportunity to go into these buildings, but I did drive by and was able to see their never ending height from the ground. These buildings were massive, and their great importance to the people of New York and the world was unprecedented.

On the day of 9/11, I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes while listening to the news on the television. Suddenly, the news changed from its regular programming to massive confusion. The newscasters saw a plane hit one of the buildings but did not believe it was anything more than an accident until the second plane hit. At this point, all of America stopped. We were under attack. Emotions suddenly flowed out of me, fear along with pain for all victims hit me so hard that uncontrollable tears flowed down my face.

As the morning continued to pass, I, along with every American sat in front of the television watching every detail as it unfolded. People began to gather together all over to help. Fire, police, EMS and many other people from every town in New Jersey and the other surrounding states went to New York City to help.

As days passed and the fire burned down, the reality hit. My husband worked just outside the city, and he knew many families that lost family members in the towers. Towns pulled together and communities reached out to help like never before. Candlelight vigils were everywhere and every house had an American flag flying. Through the most horrible of tragedies, America stood together to help each other. The tragedy of this day will never be forgotten, but it will also be known a testament that America is more that just a country we live in but our family, and we will stand together through anything.

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