A Company Built on Helping the Community

Gabe Uebel

Located in an indistinct building right behind the Anderson County Clerk’s office, Splatter Inc was founded on community improvement.  Gabe Uebel, owner of Splatter, started the business back in 2004 as just a youth group based out of Hope Community Church.  Within the group, there were a number of high school seniors just about ready to head off to college but didn’t have much business skills.  So, Gabe and the students decided to print up a batch of magnetic support our troops ribbons  to sell.  After those quickly sold, they decided to move on to selling t-shirts at the 127 yard sale.  The shirts sold incredibly fast.

But Gabe and the students had other plans than to continue selling shirts.  Gabe was a controller for Yum! Brands, and the students would be soon attending college.  A few months went by, and the students went off to college, but the phone kept ringing off the hook to see if they could make more shirts.  At that point, Gabe decided to start taking orders and created what would become Splatter Inc.

Throughout the years, Gabe has kept Splatter Inc as a way to help the community.  He routinely hires people looking for a job that will help them get their life back together or as an intermediary step before moving onto something larger.  He also takes on a high school senior intern once a year to teach them the skills of the business, which many stay with the company even after graduating.  Gabe also personally volunteers with many local organizations.

So if you have a business, church, or sporting organization that needs screen printed or embroidered clothing or other graphic design needs, check out Splatter Inc on their website or Facebook page.

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