Anderson FFA, More than Just Farming

Matthew Price & Erin UnderwoodBBQ Built by StudentsModel Greenhouse Built by a Student

Two teachers at the Anderson County High School have revived a great program to help prepare students for many different careers.  The Anderson County Future Farmer’s of America has been a program at the high school for many years but wasn’t nearly as large as it is now thanks to the work of teachers, Matthew Price and Erin Underwood.

With currently 108 students and 17 of those being leaders in the program, the Anderson FFA has been growing quickly and teaching students many beneficial concepts.  The program is all about teaching leadership and communication skills and about more hands on learning.

An amazing example of this is the FFA greenhouse project located right on the high school grounds.  Students in the program learn how to operate the greenhouse business from seed to sale.  They grow and sell bedding plants and vegetables in the spring and mums in the fall.  They not only learn the basics of growing plants, but also the ability to manage orders, people, and customers.

But the program isn’t all about plants or farming either.  They have their own shop where students learn to weld, fix engines, and fabricate.  On their own, students in the past built a remarkable rolling barbecue that the school uses for cookouts.  The program also teaches classes on animals and are looking to one day have a small barn on premises to house a few farm animals for students to learn from.

According to Matthew Price, the program is all about making learning real life for all the students.  And it really shows.  From all the work both teachers and the students have put into the program, they should continue to grow and exceed.

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