Massage Therapist Bringing Relief to Many

Christine Marret

Hidden away on South Main Street is a beautiful massage and spa center.  Natural Balance Massage and Spa Therapies, operated by Christine Marret, is located in one of the smaller, older homes on South Main.  After buying the house, Christine went to work renovating the older home to create an amazingly beautiful and relaxing center to house her massage and spa business.

But before opening her business, she was a nurse who was looking for a bit of change and to find another way to help people.  She decided to go into massage therapy and completed the 600 hours of training and testing.  Once done, she had a vision of creating her therapy center and spa but had the challenge of finding the right location.  She chose Lawrenceburg mainly because there wasn’t an option available to residents to what she had in mind.  So she went searching for the right building and decided on the little house on South Main Street.

After all the renovations, she created a beautiful place to help people feel better both in therapy and spa contexts.  She offers a number of services including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Facial, Sports, and Hot Stone Massages and more.  These types of massage can greatly help people relieve various types of back pain, increase joint flexibility, reduce post surgery issues, and even help relieve migraines.

To read more about Christine and what else massage can do, check out her website and Facebook page.

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