Electrical Transformer Shorts Out and Burns Near Main St

Firefighter Micah ParksFire Chief Bobby HumeRandy Mulligan

At approximately 9:45am this morning, the Lawrenceburg Fire Department received a call that a transformer on Joy Street off North Main Street along side of the Ritchie & Peach Funeral home had caught on fire.  Randy Mulligan, a resident who lives right behind the funeral home, said that his lights were flickering and heard a large popping sound.  When he went outside to investigate, he heard more large popping sounds and the fire coming from the transformer and ground.  Fire Chief Bobby Hume said this was a a transformer shorting out with power being redirected through the ground wire catching the grass around the telephone pole on fire.  The pole was not near any structures and was easily contained.  From last report, Kentucky Utilities was in route to the scene to replace the transformer.

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