Organization to Help Reduce Substance Abuse

Nancy Rueger, Board Chair & Donna Crain Drury, Coordinator

Nancy Rueger, Board Chair & Donna Crain Drury, Coordinator

Located here in Lawrenceburg is an organization dedicated to reducing the use of substance abuse.  The Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) was formed in July of 2012 in model of the state level program that was created in 2000.  Their biggest goal is to help local residents, both youth and adult, with addictions and use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs through treatment and prevention.

Anderson County ASAP works with numerous organizations including the local schools, law enforcement, businesses, the health department, and other key players in the community.  They’ve created numerous events to help, including workshops and forums on drug use and abuse through education and discussion.

For more information, check out their Facebook page or contact Donna Crain Drury at

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  1. When they have to go to AAA it only puts them in contact with the same ones they got in trouble with I think this adds to the problem need something different plus they aren’t allowed to talk about drugs there

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