Meet the Voice of the Bearcats

IMG_2183Besides the hot, muggy air and cheers of the fans filling the Hollie Warford Jr Stadium for this past week’s Anderson County High School football game, a booming voice that has become a tradition for ACHS Bearcats sports announced the results of every play. Edwin Mckee, who has been named the “Voice of the Bearcats,” has been announcing numerous ACHS sports for almost 20 years. Starting back in 1996, he has been the voice for numerous ACHS sports programs including football, baseball, and basketball.

Edwin has been a local Lawrenceburg resident for most of his life, growing up here and attending the Anderson County High School where he mostly played basketball and some baseball. After graduating, he started working for YKK and moved to Frankfort for a number of years. While there, he coached a little league baseball team with two of his nephews before he moved back to Lawrenceburg.

While still working for YKK, he started refereeing for ACHS and parks & recreation leagues. He refereed for eleven years before moving on to announcing games, which started when he refereed an all stars tournament. When the tournament was moved to the middle school, he decided to get others to help referee, and he was going to announce the game. After that, he kept announcing the middle school’s games and eventually moved on to the high school.

Having been announcing at the high school for so long, he has become the true voice of the Bearcats. During the rest of football season, you’ll always see him up in the press box above the bleachers enjoying the game and giving that unique voice and excitement to every play.

We’ve also teamed up with Edwin, posting his thoughts and announcements of Anderson County sports. Check out his own corner on our site here.

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